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Chakra Workshops:

A journey into Awakening is a series of 6 workshops that work with the chakra system. These chakra workshops are 2 day workshops that focus on understanding the chakra system in terms of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, somatic psychotherapy, body alignment and Erikson’s theory of human development. Many texts have been used to inform the design of the workshops including Wilhelm Reich:  Character Analysis (1945), The Handbook of Bioenergetic Analysis (2011), Alexander Lowen: Bioenergetics (1975),Anodea Judith: The Sevenfold Journey (1993) and Eastern Body Western Mind (1996), and Stanley Keleman: Your Body Speaks its Mind (1975).

The workshops can be booked as a series of 6 or singly. They comprise of the following:

  • Healing the Wounds of Love: Heart Chakra. The lower chakras (basic, sex and navel) are connected to things of the earth; the upper chakras (throat, third eye, crown and aura) are connected to things of the heavens and the heart chakra deals with the Self in its plural form. It is the pivotal point, the rainbow bridge, between the chakra systems below and above, the reconnection between heaven and earth. Work that brings understanding and insight into heart chakra issues reverberates through the lower and upper systems, balancing and clearing these as the shifts in the heart chakra begin to happen. For this reason we begin the Journey of Awakening with the Heart Chakra.
  • Communication, congruence and compassion: Sex and Throat Chakra. Congruence is the ability to accurately and compassionately convey what is lying in your inner being. This important human quality is often undermined by energy blockages in the throat chakra and the communication that emerges through the blockages does not achieve the desired results. What emerges can be seen to reflect ‘unfinished business’ from the past.
  • A Crucible of Transformation: Navel Chakra. The third chakra is the engine of the chakra system. It is a crucible of transformation in which alchemical fire burns bright and hot within a container of earth (first chakra) and water (second chakra). The navel chakra is the base of our personal power. Power is the ability to make change and exists for one reason: transformation.
  • Ground Level: Root Chakra.

If the ground is shaky, all other work may be less effective. Grounding is a slow and cumulative process which is constantly changing and strengthening as a result of what we build above it. We celebrate reclaiming the sacred temple of our bodies and overcoming the cultural programming that weakens connection to first chakra in this workshop.

  • Dreaming Your Vision into Being: Sixth Chakra.

In this workshop we enter the dream state using various techniques to become aware of the illusory images which clutter our consciousness and stand in the way of our entry into a heightened state of awareness, and we learn to stay with the possibilities within.

  • Diving Into the River of Consciousness: Crown Chakra and the Aura.

The purpose of the crown chakra, together with the aura, is to connect with divinity. Wholeness is achieved when we channel this divinity inwards to our individual selves and then bring the divinity into the world.

All the workshops are a sublime experience of immersion into the gifts and challenges of each chakra, or the combinations of chakras. Participants gain insight into how the chakras develop, from infancy, and what emotional and physical issues create blockages in the chakras. Kundalini Yoga technology imparts many transformational techniques to clear these blockages and the tools of other systems are used to highlight and evolve the transformation of the chakra system into a clear channel of consciousness, accessed with increasing ease.

These workshops will soon be available online for purchase.


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