Assessment and evaluation session to determine the appropriate course of therapeutic action for individuals, couples and families.



Consultations with Ravi Kaur are for the purpose of assessing the needs of the client so as to ascertain the appropriate course of action that needs to be taken. This may be in the form of a family constellation, individual counselling for a limited period of time, couple counselling, family therapy, intake into a particular yoga therapy course, or one-on-one healing sessions with Ravi Kaur.

Ravi Kaur’s training is an eclectic mix of Western and Eastern healing methods, namely verbal counselling, non-verbal somatic psychotherapy, yoga therapy, and Sat Nam Rasayan; a sprinkling of African traditional healing in the form of family constellations, ancestor communication, and lineage healing; and eco-shamanism, using the earth and the elements as healing forces.

Ravi’s focus is on disentangling energy, whether it is in human bodies, groups, communities/organisations and/or lineages, so as to allow for the flow of life force to be maximised. Healing happens spontaneously when the blocks in energy flow are released and Ravi intuitively uses any form of healing that allows for the most gentle and efficient form of release.

Balancing the death force with the life force is a central theme in Ravi’s work. The cycle of life and death is a natural part of our lives, with deaths and births happening all the time from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic, from cells dying and regenerating, to planets dying and being born. When the death force is stronger, energy flow is distorted and illness is the final result, way down the line. Ravi works with energy upstream along that line of progression, allowing for the balance of life and death to be restored and the flow of health and vitality re-established.

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