Walking in Awareness

Duration: 00:00 - 23:59
Key Elements: Social Justice is a Spiritual Practice

As committed spiritual practitioners we in KAR understand that unless we take into account the social injustices that surround us every day, and actively enlist and apportion a part of what we gain from our spiritual practice to the alleviation of all social injustice everywhere, our spiritual practice will remain at the level of the individual. 

In order for us to move into an Aquarian Age of sharing our humanity at the most basic level and creating change by uplifting all those whose lives we touch in very tangible and measurable ways, we need to cultivate a group consciousness that makes Social Justice the point of our daily spiritual practice. 


To launch our Social Justice is a Spiritual Practice campaign, we planned a march from Alexandra to Sandton Square on 11th May, 2019, connecting these two geographical areas with our hearts, our minds, our voices and arms and legs! All those living in Gauteng would know and understand the difference in access to privilege and abundance these two areas symbolise.  On May 11 we joined these two areas through our march, with the consciousness that Kundalini Yoga is a tool for transforming lives, and not a leisure pastime for the privileged. 


Kundalini Yoga awakens our latent potential and maximises our LIFE FORCE, enables us to use this to CHANGE ourselves internally and express our EXCELLENCE outwardly.