Couple’s Workshop

1 day workshop/weekend retreat for couples to re-engage with healthy relationship dynamics: an experiential mix of Kundalini Yoga, ORSC and Shamanic practices that create new patterns of relating.


Couples Workshops:

Understanding what makes close relationships WORK

John Gottman, author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, says that an emotionally intelligent marriage (or relationship) is one where couples are successful in keeping their negative thoughts and feelings about each other from overwhelming their positive ones.

Emotional intelligence has recently been touted as even more important than academic IQ in predicting a child’s success in later life. The same is true for relationships and with relationship intelligence is emerging as a new concept in systems intelligence.

This workshop takes a look at what causes conflict in your relationship. It takes participant couples through several useful practises for identifying and overcoming the causes of negativity and increasing fondness and admiration; the latter two emotions have been identified in research studies as crucial for the success of relationships.

We use the tantric principle of tuning into female and male energy and harmonising the flow of each in your own body and with the body of your partner. Learning to harness this powerful energy will help you overcome your negative habits in relation to the person you are close to; you will learn to love better. The techniques are not sexual (although they can be used to enhance sexuality when in the privacy of your own space with your partner) and can thus be used in any close relationship including those between siblings, parent and child, and friends. The workshop uses kundalini yoga and meditation techniques, practices from the Tao and Taoist Shamanism, and practical exercises based on the work of many contemporary couple therapists and researchers. The different paradigms of healing are interwoven to achieve a highly energised space of increased understanding of self and other. The workshop also aims to be gender aware, i.e. to encourage egalitarian awareness even within more traditional cultures, and is not limited to heterosexual relationships.

Techniques taught include anger management, emotional self-regulation, harmonious communication and relaxation, amongst many others. Please note that although we will do group work, there will not be any techniques or exercises used that will make anyone uncomfortable and every effort will be made to make the environment comfortable and safe.


Itta Roussos has worked with many couples, teaching skills of recognition and mastery, and assisting in enabling their relationships to become more peaceful, egalitarian and content. The spinoffs of understanding how to make your relationship work are many: immune system health, longevity, emotional intelligence in other relationships, a sense of companionship which is proven as crucial for emotional and mental health, and a sense of personal fulfilment.


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