Corporate Stress Workshops

“Keep your Edge with Less Stress”. Internationally qualified ORSC coach, Itta Roussos AKA Ravi Kaur, facilitates an understanding of maximising vitality and minimising stress for teams and executives.

Corporate Stress Workshops:

Itta Roussos, AKA Ravi Kaur, is an internationally qualified ORSC (Organisational and Relationship Systems Coach) systems coach and has developed a series of half-day workshops that combines Systems Coaching with Kundalini Yoga techniques. Based on decades of experience in working with groups, Itta has incorporated meditation and mindfulness techniques into a program that is designed to maximise productivity and minimise the negative impact of stress.

These executive workshops are aimed at teams that engage in high level decision- making, requiring clarity and speed, in pressurised environments. The objectives are:

  • Mindfulness techniques as a part of daily life
  • How breathing influences the nature and quality of thought processes
  • Integrating maximum vitality and calm into the team’s identity
  • How to utilise the new energy you have released, to avoid going into old bad habits
  • Integrating team changes into the office environment

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