Constellation Sessions

Book a family constellation to surface and heal the entanglements in your lineage and maximize the flow of life force to heal the illness in your life.

Constellation Session

Constellation Sessions:

Itta has been training as a family constellations practitioner and facilitator for 10 years. She has studied the theory of the form, which originated in the African Sangoma tradition, and was brought into Academia by Bert Hellinger, a German missionary who lived with the isiZulu in KZN.

The basic principle of doing a constellation, according to Hellinger, is to re-establish the Orders of Love, whereby ancestors are aligned with their correct orders according to the hierarchy of lineage. Grandparents, parents, and children all belong on separate and different levels, and when these levels become entangled, with children inhabiting the level of parents or grandparents, and perhaps even carrying their problems for them, the Orders of Love are distorted, and emotional, mental or physical illness may be the result.

Itta specialises in constellations for physical illness, and brings her intuition and deep understanding of the psychology of illness to the constellations. With many years of experience in the art of listening, Itta has developed the capacity to hear the ancestors when they speak about their descendants, and she uses this to heal distortions in the energy of lineages.

Family constellations are exceptionally useful in highlighting areas that may not have been brought to light before. In the process of healing they can add illumination to what the next step may need to be. The picture that is formed in a constellation is ideally a simple and clear depiction of a situation, and in seeing this, very often the healing takes a leap forward.

Constellation bookings are a minimum of one and a half hours and can be done on an individual basis or within a group setting. Please give 2-3 weeks’ notice for a group constellation.


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