Awakening Talks

Kundalini yoga and meditation for illness – in-depth guidance and mentoring through the processes of healing.

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“Prana as Medicine”This is a 2 hour talk for people involved in mental and physical health. It deals with illness in general as conditions of low prana, and how to build the particular combination of calm and vitality that is unique to yoga therapy. The talk is an introduction to evidence-based research on the effectiveness of yoga therapy.

“Warm heart, Cool Mind”

A 2 hour talk on the importance of training the mind to stay under your control. The key to success in today’s world is based on creating a state of mind that is powerful and trained to do what it is told. This state of mind is an addition to the energetic state of an open heart (a “warm” heart) which acts as a magnet for prosperity. The two states operate together as an optimum technology for attracting everything we need to fulfil our greatest potential, with the clarity to act on that potential in such a way as to maximise the greatest good. This talk is aimed at all people who want to understand how they can maximise their creative potential as human beings.

“Yoga tips for the Boardroom”

A one hour talk aimed at the corporate environment for reducing physical and mental tension and maximising decision making capacity. The talk is an introduction to the stress releasing mechanisms in kundalini yoga practices and on harnessing states of energy that impart vitality and clarity.

“Mindfulness and Presence in Business: a contradiction?”

This is a 1 hour talk for the corporate environment on mindfulness and staying in the present moment, and the advantages that this state of mind provides. This talk examines current views that mindfulness and accompanying states of awareness belong on the yoga mat and not in the business world, and that there presence in the corporate environment are a liability. The talk is an introduction to the use of these tools of awareness and how to increase your capacity within the corporate environment using these tools.

“Keep your Edge with Less Stress”

This is a 2 hour talk for the corporate environment that overturns the belief that in order to be successful in the business environment you need to be “stoked up” on adrenalin, achieved through various substances and states of mind that harness aggression. The use of metaphors for the battle field in the language of corporates highlights these beliefs. Medical research notwithstanding, these beliefs continue to survive with youth being the desired antidote (youth can withstand the pressure). This talk looks at how it is possible to be highly effective and productive while staying completely relaxed and how, in fact, this state is far more fruitful than a state of tension. So that, instead of youth being the very short term antidote, in fact the wisdom and experience of the elder years is extended and restored to its place as a powerful resource in business.

“Hardwired to Heal”

This is a 2 hour talk aimed at health professionals that examines the effectiveness of yoga therapy to address disruptions in attachment bonds, as per Bowlby’s attachment theory. Anyone who is works with, or is interested in addressing, relationship issues can attend this talk. The talk focuses on the four types of attachment, recognised in literature sources, and how the practice of yoga can address the root causes of disruption.

“Pregnant? How Yoga can help”

This is a 1 hour talk for health professionals and anyone interested in the effectiveness of yoga therapy during pregnancy. The talk uses evidence based research to show how yoga decreases hormonal stress levels thus alleviating negative impacts on the foetus. Yoga therapy has also been shown to increase feelings of self-worth and wellbeing and can reduce the duration of labour.


“Mental Illness and Yoga Therapy”

This is a 1 hour talk for health professionals and anyone interested in mental health and yoga therapy. The talk uses evidence based research to show how yoga impacts on various forms of mental illness such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD, and uses an experiential format to demonstrate various yogic tools that result in the reduction of symptoms both in the short and the long term.

“Relationships: From the Boardroom to the Bedroom”

This is a 2 hour talk for couples that looks at how to improve the couple relationship inside and outside the bedroom, during working hours and after hours. The focus is on understanding the energy system of a relationship, as a third entity, and how best to address the needs of this third entity.

“Walking into the future facing forward.”

This is a 2 hour talk for anyone who is interested in intuition. Activating Ajna chakra is central to developing the “sixth sense”, or intuition. When intuition is not functioning it’s like walking into the future facing backwards. Emotions locked in the body’s cellular memory lay claim to every situation so that we effectively continue to ‘live in the past’, regurgitating old patterns and habits.



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