Itta Roussos guides individuals and groups to dynamic healing and growth through a unique combination of

Kundalini Yoga therapy
Psychological counselling
Mindfulness and meditation practice
Group process and constellation workshops

all underpinned by powerful experience and wisdom


Itta’s experience as a healer has brought people from all over the globe to her to heal their physical, mental and spiritual illnesses. She uses her extensive knowledge of the psychology of illness combined with a deep intuitive sense to guide the flow of life’s force back into balance. Itta has an intimate understanding of energy through her personal practice and gifts this understanding through her teachings.

  • She is trained in the use of family constellations and uses this method to reveal states of illness in the individual and in the family lineage.
  • She is a counsellor and has worked in rehabilitation centres for recovery from substance abuse, and in counselling centres that address violence towards women and HIV/AIDS.
  • Itta is a trained Organisation and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC), internationally certified, and works with couples and families.
  • She is doula of 30 years, and accompanies selected women from conception through to weaning in their journey of motherhood.
  • Itta is currently writing up a Dissertation through Wits University on the experiences of women who have PTSD, and are in the second trimester of pregnancy, who do yoga therapy.


Dynamic Healing is a phrase I have coined to describe my unique capacity to flow between healing methods called forth through the state of illness. I nurture and maintain this capacity through the consistent and committed raising of my Kundalini energy using the techniques taught by Yogi Bhajan.

The Kundalini Yoga practitioner and the Dynamic Healer are intimately intertwined and engender an ever deepening intuition upon which the practise of Kundalini Yoga therapy and the facilitation of family constellations rest.

I am deeply committed to merging into the flow of healing energy, which balances the death force with the life force, and creating of my body a channel which guides that flow into others. I have the gift of understanding illness and I am constantly guided by the voices of my ancestors as they show me where and when I should place my gift at the service of healing.

Together with all my spiritual teachers who comprise my knowledge lineage, my ancestors and the ancestors of all those I serve, I as the youngest and least of all them, humbly bow in gratitude before the Source of all that there is.